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Thiruparankundram - Nearer tourist spots

Thenparankundram - Rock Cut Cave Temple
ThenParankundram Rock cut cave Temple is excavated on the southern face of Thiruparangundram, which lays 10 kms away from Madurai city. Thenparankundram cave was originally a Jain cave and dated to 750 AD.

Maravarman Sundara Pandian during 1250 AD converted the Jain cave into Hindu Shaiva cave.
The cave is in rectangular shape and has a roof like structure on its top. On the western rock slope, bas relief of Vinayagar and a sage are seen. On the Eastern rock slope, bas relief of Appar, Sundarar and Sambhandhar are seen. On the extreme east a relief the sculpture of Bhairavar with furious dog is found.
In the Eastern wall of Garbhagraha a beautiful sculpture of Ardhanareeswarar in a niche is seen. The bas relief in the first niche is the cosmic dancer in Ananda Thandava posture. It is an alluring feast to eyes. Parvathi, the consort of Shiva is on the left side. Karaikkal ammaiyar and a percussion artist are on the right side.
Murugan with his wives Deivayanai and Valli in peocock is seen on a tree top at the left top of the panel. A rare form of HeyRamba Ganapathy in lalithasana is seen on the right side of the panel. Inscriptions of Sundara Pandian (1256 AD) who captured Madurai from Kulothunga Chola III is found in this cave and the inscription praises him as Chonaadu Vazhangiya Sundara Pandian. A feeding well called "Pandiyan Kinaru" is situated near this cave temple. This Cave is under the control of Archaeological survey of India, since 1910.
Meenakshi temple
The Meenakshi Temple, an unquestionable requirement see south Indian sanctuary, is the point of convergence of Madurai. Evidently, the city was worked around the Shiva lingam that is inside its sanctum. The sanctuary complex spreads 15 sections of land and has 4,500 columns and 12 towers. You could undoubtedly invest days in there, as it's a "living sanctuary" with a great deal going on inside, including a consistent stream of couples hanging tight to be hitched in its hallways. It merits heading off to the sanctuary once in the first part of the day and again at night for the night function.
Puthu Mandapam
Adventure inside the huge Puthu Mandapam, a seventeenth century pillared passage way corridor inverse the Meenakshi Temple's east pinnacle, to discover columns of tailors and slows down selling texture, scarves, adornments, style frill, handiworks, and fine art. You can get great quality garments made there, including respectable reproductions.
Tirumalai Nayak Palace
Arranged around a kilometer southeast of Meenakshi Temple, Tirumalai Nayak Palace is Madurai's second greatest fascination. Ruler Thirumalai Nayak manufactured it as his private castle in 1636, with the contribution of an Italian designer. It's an exemplary combination of Dravidian and Islamic styles. The royal residence's distinctive element is its columns and there was again than 200 of them. Unfortunately, just a fourth of the first structure is unblemished. This comprises of the passageway corridor, patio, ballroom, and crowd lobby. The castle was even utilized an area court amid the standard of the British, and proceeded accordingly until 1970. Considerable cash was as of late spent on significant therapeutic works.
Wholesale Banana Market
Madurai's discount banana advertises is an intriguing spot to visit. Evidently, 16 assortments of bananas are sold there! They arrive, bunched together on branches, by the truck load. Watch as wiry specialists empty them and convey them inside, up to about six branches at any given moment. There's a vegetable market beside the banana showcase, which is additionally a hive of movement and incredible for people viewing.

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